Want To Rank In Google? Better Have Your Site Mobile Qualified! Deadline April 21

Yesterday Google announced the new mobile algorithm for Search. All sites, if they want to rank, have to be mobile friendly on every page. Google will crawl the sites and make a judgement. This is no joke. They say this is bigger than Penguin or Panda. Remember how those two kicked our butts? This will be bigger. If you want to know Googles verdict about your site use this test: http://goo.gl/YPb80C?

We at Integrated Mobile Resources provide you with mobile, responsive and reverse responsive sites. They will allow you to rank and represent your business effectively.

Let me sum it up this way: Your site will be effective and compatible with your existing site. Since the majority of Google Search inquires now come from mobile devices, (multiple studies show that people use their mobile device 66% to 75% of the time), it is certain that you need a mobile site that works on laptops and desktops while excelling as sites viewed on mobile devices.

Contact: stuart.j.oneill@gmail.com

Hopefully the public launch will be in the second week of April. It very well may come sooner so check back.

New Responsive Website…Incomplete.

This is one form of a responsive site. As you can see it works for smartphones, tablets and large screens. I prefer reverse responsive sites. When we build this out that will be the system.

Since the team is busy building sites for private clients, by my choice I rank way down the priority list. This will not be the theme we use. At least I don’t think this will be the theme we use. As you can see I haven’t had the time to even fully develop or build out this theme’s capabilities. I’m not a designer or developer. The team that I lead has the expertise.

Hopefully they will catch up with our client work enough to at least get this site fully operational.

Thanks for dropping in.

Contact info: stuart.j.oneill@gmail.com