This has been my sandbox for a couple years as I took time off from my business. I’ve had fun with music and dance videos from all over the world.

Now I have made the choice to open a new business based around the world of Mobile Devices, Mobile Email and Mobile Marketing. The first article will post the week of February 15, 2014.

As I’m positive you carry a smartphone or a tablet and perhaps both this topic is about you. Come back during the week!

[The balance of this site, for the moment, has a political purpose. I was a communications and strategy director for Congessional campaigns. I stopped in 2010. This blog continued with a polical purpose until 2012. I’ve taken down all the entertainment videos and the last of the poltiical posts and videos are back in sight. As new posts about Mobile Media they will move into the past. They have value if you wish to watch them. I never publish junk. Ever. Enjoy if you wish to spend the time to learn new things.]

Interviewed over a year ago by Eric Schmidt, the CEO of Google, this very intense and content filled interview will give us all a new hopeful view of the future of California.