DS Domination Intro webinar recording

Procol Harum and The Danish National Orchestra and Choir —-FULL Concert 1hr 32 min

Just listen for awhile as most of us don’t have the time for the full concert either. I did. What an experience.No damn lip-syncing here! Some lyric changes because they are in Denmark but not much.

G+ Infographics that explains the Plus to new users

Beginner's Guide to Google+
Source: Plus Your Business

Maddow Tells The Truth…again

Maddow: Someone needs to tell the GOP that they lost on Tuesday (via Raw Story )

On Wednesday night, in a segment of “The Rachel Maddow Show” called “ReferenDUH,” Rachel Maddow asked why Republicans are trying to spin their losses on Tuesday in the polls as victories. She began the segment by telling viewers about a period…

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Amazing Presentation for Google Local

A Beautiful Poetic Image and Words

Teach me to feel another’s Woe,
To hide the fault I see,
That Mercy I to others show, that Mercy show to me.
Alexander Pope

Designed and created as custom clothing
by Toronto Designer Sharon Ehman, owner of ‘Toxic Vision’

Composition of image and poem by +Clare Patrick via GooglePlus

Three Knives

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy

Nataly Dawn New Album

Larry Trocha Training Horses That Spook Pt 1

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